KHU Fall 2023 Release

Kris Holm

October 25, 2023

Hi All,

I’m excited to (finally!) announce the release of an updated KH lineup for Fall 2023. New to the range are the Boundary cranks and hub, which will replace the Spirit cranks and hub. Boundary cranks build on the proven Spirit cranks geometry with several improvements.

Q-Axle Boundary Hub

The major update is to the spline interface, now with Q-Axle micro spline. The Q-Axle Boundary Hub is very lightweight (380g) and has proven itself to be strong with extended use. The spine is parallel (not tapered) and secures with pinch-bolts on the crank – it’s easy to install and remove without the wear and tear of a tapered spline. The Boundary hub is 100 mm bearing-bearing width and is 36-hole.

Kris Holm Unicycles Boundary Hub


Q-Axle Boundary Cranks

The Boundary cranks are forged from 7050 alloy with 8 mm outwards flare (Q-factor, compared to 12 mm on Spirit cranks).  I’ve ridden with these cranks for a year and really like this profile – slim with clearance to avoid bashed ankle bones or heel clips. Boundary cranks are available in these lengths: 110/127 mm (373 g), 117/137 mm (414 g), and 127/150 mm (444 g). The 165 mm version is discontinued. While this may make a few riders unhappy, there’s too little demand for it anymore, and eliminating it shaved a few grams off the weight by designing the forge tooling for a 150 mm length.

Kris Holm Unicycles Boundary Cranks


Assembled Unicycles Updated with Boundary Hub & Cranks

All assembled unicycles including the KH20, KH24, KH27.5, KH29 and KH36 are KH blue and have the Boundary Cranks and hub – meaning an internal disc brake on all but the KH20. While I have been happy with the external disc brake, this brings the KH range into compatibility with the hub-mount standard. Too many “standards” is a real issue in the cycling world, and I think our sport is better with compatibility across brands.

All products are now in stock at franchises and Qu-Ax dealers. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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